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The Creative Eye IBSN 9781617504501 - 270 pgs
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The Creative Eye:
drawing, vision and the brain
New, illustrated edition

"The painter's vision is not a lens,
It trembles to caress the light."

– Robert Lowell

In this book, drawing instructor, poet and working artist Heather Spears asks fundamental questions about how, and why, art is made. Thoughtful, provocative and filled with hands-on information.

"Desperately needed in the field of art and art education. Not since the (posthumous publication of) Nicolaides' seminal book The Natural Way to Draw has there been a really good text for drawing – The Creative Eye is that book, and will fill a deep void....I can say unequivocally that Heather Spears is the best drawing teacher that I have [ever] met during 45 years of working in the field. With her exceptional writing skills and powers of expression, in conjunction with her long proven visual and graphic skills, I feel that this book will become a classic....It is seldom that one finds a combination of writer/artist of such skill and visualization.”
Robin Hopper, writer and ceramic artist

“Heather Spears’ central and persuasive argument in this book is that there are real, accessible ways to test (the boundaries of perception), to stretch and perhaps even circumvent them. And that is the essence of creativity.”
Jack Cohen, writer and biologist

"An inventive and intelligent, yet accessible, approach to drawing; recommended for everyone from amateurs to professionals"
Kirkus Reviews

Is there at last an understandable, neurological explanation for bad drawing? In the light of new research about the visual brain, The Creative Eye explains the preconceptions, creative blocking and habitual dysfunction artists struggle with, and offers real, practical solutions to overcoming (and even exploiting) them. Now fully illustrated throughout.




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