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Poems Selected and New Wolsak & Wynn, Toronto, 1998 ISBN 0-919897-61-4 111p.
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Selected and New

"Spears' skill and commitment as a visual artist are never far from the surface."
Stephen Scobie

"scope, generosity, candour, harmony of passion and detachment...the intensity, the objectivity, the vision, the power of an extraordinarily selfless and dedicated read her is to extend one's experience into areas of life most of us are sheltered from."
Jay Macpherson

"arguably one of the most popular poets in Canada.
"A testament to almost five decades; her focus changes over time from personal reflection to the depiction of the most painful of human experiences. However difficult, hers is still a convincing portrayal of our time."
Anna Adamek, Arc

God and the "target-rich environment"

God hearing about the target-rich environment
considers with renewed respect His dumb
creatures, dogs in front of stores whose minds
are stupid and patient, every animal
waiting in abatement, and trees
who translate the wind and even the saw's whine
into their innocence, all silences
and guileless noise the slide
of the encapsulated fish whose cloth
of water fits continuously, the radiant wing
of a blackbird sleeked down as it settles on a wire
its cry
is beautiful to Him He has sealed
their mouths they have no devious wisdom
right now He appreciates them
from The God Poems, written during the Gulf War.



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