Artist Heather Spears travels widely and has drawn on neonatal, maternity and paediatric wards in Europe and America for over 15 years, always with permission from the parents. Some drawings are used, also with permission, in exhibitions and books. Sometimes she is asked to draw stillborn babies, or other children who have died. Heather extends her offer to all bereaved parents, to draw their child from a photograph.

Often a photo is too harsh, with many unnecessary elements. A drawing while just as precise is softer and concentrates on the individuality of the child.

A pencil drawing on art paper 24 x 32 cm. (19 1/2x12 1/2") packaged and sent to you registered mail with photo returned, costs about $360 CAN, $260 US, £180 UK, 240 EURO, 1800 DKR (kr. 50 goes to Landsforening Spaedbarnsdoed [National Infant Death Association]). A bill will be included. Please write anything you remember which is different or clearer than in the photo, and the child's name and birth date, etc., if you would like these included. Because of distance and forwarding, please allow up to 3-4 weeks. See contact information on Home page.

In Scandinavia, Heather Spears is supported in her work by:
Foreningen Spædbarnsdod
(Association for infant death)
Bernstorffsv 20 st.
2900 Hellerup, Denmark

Foreningen Vi som har et barn for lite
(Association "We who have one child too few")
Ruglandveien 12
1342 Jar, Norge November 1, 1996

Landsforening til støtte ved krybbedød
(National crib death support association)
Arbins gate 7
0253 Oslo, Norge

I am writing to share my positive experience of Heather Spears with other members in our association. Our Marianne died in September 1989, only 6 weeks old. As first-time parents we thought we had endless time to spend with our little darling, but it was not to be. We were left with a few "half-decent" enlargements, which I felt were really not my Marianne. I hadn't managed to capture with the camera that essence which was really her. The article in the member's magazine (Oss Foreldre Imellem nr. 3, 1997) became the turning-point for me. Her "line" is so gentle and mild. She captured my little girl from a perspective we actually had not seen. And it is so beautiful... Now we have the portrait of Marianne here on the wall. It feels right. Finally our little girl has received an artistic impression which makes it possible that the older generation too can see her in a natural way. Jorun Eggen, Norway

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