For paediatric drawing projects, Heather Spears is invited to draw for 2-4 weeks, preferably in residence. She draws only with written consent from the parents, which includes permission to publish and exhibit the drawings.

Mother with infant "It was really a pleasure and a treat for myself and members of the division to have you work as you did within the Unit. We were all very much touched by the quality of the work and, your sensitivity and the way you captured the feelings that we all have for the small sick infants. Remember that you will always be welcome within the neonatal unit to carry out your work whenever you are visiting Edmonton."
David Schiff, Director, Newborn Nurseries, University of Alberta Hospitals

"really captured the tenderness of children and the courage that they have, ...a wonderful lady, she is very discreet and quiet, working in a way that doesn't disturb the parents or babies." Heather Mattson, Manager, Friends of the University Hospitals, Edmonton

"I know you have had a lot of positive feedback from both parents and staff. I have been surprised at how much parents have treasured your drawings of their baby; it has been something for them to hang on to and share with friends and family at a time when they have been separated from their baby. Many times on going into the Nursery, the staff would excitedly draw my attention to drawings of various infants. Both the parents and the staff in SCN have enjoyed your association with us." Margaret R. Pendray, Medical Director, Newborn Services, B.C. Children's Hospital

Hospitals include: Rigshospitalet Copenhagen; Karolinska Stockholm; University of Alberta Hospitals; Children's Medical Health Centre Washington DC; Children's Hospital Seattle; Childrens' and Grace Hospitals, Vancouver; Foothills Calgary, Victoria, Prince George; WK Grace, Halifax. UK: Hammersmith, Birmingham, Radcliffe Infirmary, Great Ormond Street Hospital; St. Olav's Hospital, Trondheim, Norway; Denmark: Herlev, Hillerød, Frederisberg, Gentofte; Middle East: Gaza, Nablus, Maqassad Jerusalem.

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