Jonas, cleft lip Drawings from neonatal and paediatric intensive care in Europe and America. The exhibition is available in America: 36 framed pencil drawings, 24x32cm made in children's hospitals and shown with the permission of the parents. Suggested price for original drawings: $300.
Recent exhibits include: Charles H. Scott Gallery, ECCAD, Vancouver; Victoria, Acadia, Memorial and Mount St. Vincent University Galleries (Canada), McMullen Gallery, Edmonton, 1994; Children's Medical Health Center, Washington DC, 1991 and 1997, NIH Bethesda, 1998, Dalhousie University, 1999, Winchester Galleries, Victoria, BC, 1999.
Edmonton, Faculty of Extension, September 2002. Click to view additional illustrations: Magdakalaat, cancer ward; Newborn Shania.

"Spears' hand is meticulous and frequently exquisite....an unwavering eye for detail that dominates her poems and her drawings...she has learned the surgeon's skill of cold-bloodedly dealing with the facts of mortality as a technical problem."
Arts Atlantic

"Her vision, though disturbing, is not bleak or aggressive, or informed by the need to state an overall social policy...not a militant statement, but an expression of her archaic respect for life." Visual Arts News

"I burst into tears in the middle of the exhibition. It was as if a hand closed around my heart." Bengt Anderberg, Expressen, Stockholm

NOTE: This exhibition has been donated to Stollery Children's Hospital NICU, Edmonton. 20 lightweight, laminated reproductions from the exhibition, all 18x26cm, are available from the artist Heather Spears for display at conferences and areas (libraries, etc.) with public access.
Shown at European Society for Paediatric Research Conference, Copenhagen, 1999.
Cost of laminated copies: $25.

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