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Working in this field since 1983, Heather Spears has numbered over 8,000 black and white drawings. Both accurate and compassionate, they cover all aspects of neonatoal care – prematurity and the critically ill infant, hospital and home birth and the healthy newborn. "Defiantly old-fashioned" in drawing only what she can witness, Heather Spears sits in on both hospital and home births, making many drawings culminating in the birth of the child.

Exhibitions – Drawings of childbirth:

1. Up to 60 pencil drawings 8X11" selected from up to 100 birth series made in Canada, Denmark, and Palestine.

Shown at Rigshospitalet Art Association; First International Conference on Home Birth, London; John Radcliffe, Oxford

2. The birth of an Iranian baby, series 84. 24 drawings, pencil and coloured chalk, 9X12".

"A subject infinitely generous in its possibilities."

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