Samar, skull fractureA selection from 600 drawings made over two 6-week periods spent in the occupied territories of East Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank, 1989 and 1990. Exhibits include United Nations in Geneva, Vienna and New York. Subtitled: "Children of The Intifada."

75 framed drawings in chalk and pencil, 26x36cm. and 18x26cm. With illustrated catalogue, 1989 ISBN-87-983320-7, 33p. Catalogue text: children's accounts, written on the drawings in Arabic, of their injuries, English and French translation. Click links to view more drawings from the exhibition: Adil, Ameena, Anwar, Fatma, nurse. Suggested price of original drawings: $300.

Written on drawing: "While there was some fighting between the soldiers and the children, Samar, this little child of five years old, was outside his house and an Israeli soldier hit him very hard on the head with his rifle so it fractured his skull."

"For Heather Spears and the Intifada, a great cause has found a great artist. Her pictures are timeless." Dalhousie Gazette

"The Intifada was taken out of the media for me and its pathos communicated through art in a way not possible in any other medium." Robert Steele, Faculty of Education, UBC, Canada

"A moving contribution to understanding of the terrible suffering of Palestinians under occupation – an instance where drawings and sparse commentary have power transcending almost any other kind of communication." Dr. Jonathan Fine, Director, Physicians for Human Rights, USA

The present exhibition also includes drawings from Jerusalem of the Al-Aqsa ("Temple Mount") Massacre, October 8, 1990. Text: verbatim account by nurse; transcription of loudspeaker voices on amateur video, Al-Aqsa Mosque, during the massacre.

NOTE: 30 lightweight, laminated reproductions from this exhibition, all 18x26cm, are also available for display at conferences, libraries etc. with public access. Price of laminated copies: $25.

Exhibition Catalogue Drawn from the Fire: $10. Video: $60.
Contact Heather Spears to order.

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