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A 60 minute illustrated lecture presented to international SF conferences in London and Glasgow and to high school art and literature students: Choosing illustrations that range from art history, science fiction art and films, to her own drawings of premature and hydrocephalic infants, Spears challenges the audience to ask, "What is alien? What is it that makes us afraid?"

Foetus ca. 8 weeks "sighted" alien

"Engrossing and sometimes spooky. With this image (of the unborn) in mind, she describes ET and his ilk as 'the foetal alien.'"
The Whig-Standard

"For Spears, an award-winning Canadian poet, artist and science-fiction novelist, the beautiful and the frightening are often inseparable. And their most powerful presence emanates from the face, no matter how wild its changes, distortions, displacements or disfigurations." Kingston Record

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