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Premature infantDrawing as an Aspect of Care

A 45 minute slide show presentation suitable for paediatric hospital staff, parents of hospitalized chldren, medical and medical art students. Medical drawing can be accurate yet still sensitive, focusing on the individuality of the child and the human aspect of care. The slides are chosen from Heather Spears' drawings of childbirth, neonatal and paediatric intensive care íncluding procedures and situations inolving the caregiver and the child.
Presented to: Medical art students at the University of Toronto, medical students at Dalhousie University and the staff at IWK Grace, Halifax.

Displays of Reproductions

Most of Heather Spears' exhibitions are also available as light-weight, laminated reproductions and as slides presentations, suitable for conferences, spaces with public access (libraries, etc.). Reproductions have been displayed by the Association of Paediatric Oncology Nursing Conference, Vancouver, 1994, and the European Society for Paediatric Research Conference, Copenhagen, 1999, Early Connections, Young Children with Visual Impairment, Vancouver June 4-8 2000, Health and the Child: Care and Culture in History, Geneva medical School, Geneva, 13-15 September 2001 European Society for Paediatric Research Conference,Copenhagen 1999, Paediatric Nursing Conference, Kristianstad, Norway, 2001.

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