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Video: Drawn from the Fire, Children of the Intifada
A 50 minute exhibition and slides presentation, now available as a video.
Heather Spears toured for nine months, showing the drawings (as slides) 190 times throughout the USA and Canada.

Anwar"Heather Spears sat beside the hospitalized injured and maimed Palestinian children and drew them, hour by hour, with an urgent attentiveness. Her unembellished narration in a conversational voice pairs the pencil and chalk sketches with an account of how each child came to its suffering... a dedication to the accurate (and) rejection of the maudlin, that may invoke in you, as it did in me, tears." Mordecai Briemberg

"My cousin and I were with the sheep in the mountains when a jeep passed close to us, and they threw a bomb towards us, and it exploded near us, and I was injured in both legs, the bones were broken, and the muscles in my right leg, and there are some shards in my eye, and my right testicle was removed." written on drawing 33: Anwar became blind; his cousin subsequently died. Source: B'Tselem, Israeli Information Center for Human Rights.
More pictures from catalogue may by viewed here.

may be ordered for $10 plus postage; Video for $60. Contact Heather Spears to order.

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