drawing of athleteExplores the sources of successful "gesture" drawing – how to draw people in their most usual, and by far most exciting and beautiful aspect – in motion. Beginning with a model, then working on location, students will draw intensely under careful instruction and with periodic discussion. What is the secret in capturing the fleeting movement, the almost undrawable? This course is addressed to beginners as well as to advanced students and professional artists – to anyone who delights in drawing the human form.

1. Drawing from the model: what is movement? Looking at master drawings in reproduction: how have other artists worked? How the eye perceives; the translation into line.
2. Drawing on location. Choices and strategies. Intense, individual work with plenty of encouragement, periodic meeting for class discussion.

Sports hall/fitness centre; instrumental music, singing or dance schools: orchestra or theatre rehearsals (permission required). Conclusion: how to mount, exhibit, reproduce, sell drawings; how to continue: other venues (for example, courtroom drawing, childbirth).
Materials: 6B pencils; malleable art erasers; paper: A4 copy paper, backs or mounts for this size (or, A4 sketchbooks).
Models: (1st 3 hours) – child or amateur dancer or gymnast, or violinist or cellist with instrument.

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